Roland Space Echo RE-150 The famous space echo !


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This is the little brother of the RE-201 but with less options but the with 'that' famous space echo sound.

2 head for 2 echo settings, short and long and a combination of the 2 heads. Settings 4,5 and 6 are echo's with a short feedback. Kind of a preset setting. You cannot use the intensity (feedback) knob.

The RE-150 also has no spring reverb.

The whole unit has been fully serviced.

All electrolytic capacitors have been replaced for quality 105 degrees ones.

The faulty blue tantalum elco's also have been replaced.

All internal parameters have been calibrated. The bias trap has been set below 2Vrms like mentioned in the service manual.

All heads have been polished, demagnetised and cleaned with Isopropanol and are like new.

Alle heads have been set for the best highs (azimuth)

The rubber pinchroller has been cleaned and lubricated and runs smooth again,

The wants have been cleaned and the left guidance roller also.

All potmeters have been washcleaned and dried with an aircompressor and are scratch free.

The case has been polished and shines like new.

New tapeloop on the unit.

Sounds fantastic again !

Including the original maintenance set and a FREE 220V to 110V converter when sold to a 220Vac country.

Also included 2 new 4 meter tapeloops !

Shipment is insured to E5500 and with tracktrace !

Thank you for watching and look at my youtube video !