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For optimum performance of your tape echo, maintenance is required. This is not difficult and after having After having done it once, it is a fixed part of the whole tape echo use.

A tape echo lasts about 100 to 150 hours (the rule is 200 hours but I find that a bit 'too' positive).
Some people keep the worn tape on for the 'gritty and rough' sound.

Before changing the old tape for a new one, it is important to demagnetise the heads first.
These are available from e.g. Conrad (see page 'what do I do/what do I not do')

With about 1 meter distance, slowly move towards the head and slowly move the device from the bottom of the head upwards and then slowly pull it back upwards to one meter.
Some people do it with twisting movements. I have never been able to figure out that it would be 'better'.

After demagnetising, clean the heads with isopropanol alcohol and a cotton tips. At the erease head pull the cotton ti[ carefully from bottom to top through the groove, there is often a lot of dirt in it.
Isopropanol is available at the better drugstores. It costs around 4E and will last you the rest of your life.

After about 400 hours of use, it is also a good idea to clean the heads with metal polish.

It is also wise to clean the inside around the motor with a brush and a vacuum cleaner.
Especially the motor collects dust easily.

After having done this and having put a new tape on it the tape echo is ready for the next 100 to 150 hours !

Do not forget to switch off the engine of your Dynacord after use and then the whole unit.
This is to prevent the rubber pinch roller from staying on the shaft (capstan) and causing a dent in the rubber over time. This we do not want.

For cleaning jack inputs I use Krackle Killers, this is an Australian invention and works excellent.
Over the years the metal gets dirty and therefore there is a bad connection with the jack plugs which leads to signal loss
You put some Isopropanol on the Krackle Killer and move it back and forth in the jack socket a few times , you can see  the dirt on it. I clean it with a cloth afterwards so you can use it a few more times. Ideal ! They are available at