One of a kind mini !


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Dynacord Echocord Mini Tape Echo Badass version inc. wet out modification!


In beautiful condition with new tape, good rubber pinch roller, good plastic
rollers, demagnetized and clean heads,

The plastic housing has been completely clean washed.

The Running gear is adjusted and cleaned. The motor shaft is polished and super
smooth. All roller shaft holes are lubricated. The sliding mechanism is
lubricated with PTFE and runs smoothly.

All potentiometers are cleaned and blown clean.

The electronics have been tested. All electrolytic capacitors (elco's) have
been replaced, including the power supply!

All transistors have been replaced for more modern and quieter BC549 and
BC559 types.

The output DIN socket has been replaced for a JACK socket so no more hassle
with DIN to JACK cables. You can also choose LINE or GUITAR input
(left input or right input). Line is louder and guitar softer in terms of
input volume.

100% wet out modification is done. This means that you only have the echo signal
without the direct sound of the input. So now you can record the echo effect
separately on a track without the direct input sound. So you now have a choice
of the normal output with echo and direct sound and 100% wet out only.
You can use both outputs simultaneously. PAY ATTENTION ! The wet out only
output is softer because the amplifier is bypassed so you will have to turn it
up a bit on your mixer or amplifier. The advantage is that you have less noise
with the wet out only output.

Sounds great again for a 45 year old beast !

The Dynacords are slightly more aggressive sounding than a Roland space echo
and have a very nice self-oscillating feedback. Very organic and lifelike

You will receive 5 extra tapes !!! New RTM

German printed manual.

Comes with a new tape on the machine and 5 extra tapeloops are included. 

6 months warranty on the delivered work but shipping costs excluded. 

See the test video ! 

Thank you for watching and if you have questions, please let me know ! 

Including the original 230V power cable.