Here you can see and listen to the different brands and types in action. The sound is recorded with the internal microphone of a smartphone and the sound of the tape echoes comes from a speaker, so not optimal and sometimes a little feedback!

The great electronic music pioneer Hainbach from Germany tests the iconic Dynacord Echocord S76

Roland space echo RE-3 DIGITAL, not the real deal !

Boss space echo RE-202 DIGITAL, not the real deal but better !

Dynacord echocord mini

 Dynacord echocord 100

 Dynacord echocord super 76

Dynacord EC-504

Dynacord Echolette Echo 400

Roland Space Echo RE-201


Pearl Vorg echo orbit eo-301


 Evans se-810

Roland Space Echo RE-200

Korg Stage Echo SE-500

Watkins Copicat Super IC Transistor

Korg Stage Echo SE-300

Evans Nova 400

Roland Chorus Echo RE-301


Evans EE-3 Super Echo

Roland Space Echo RE-150

HH Multiecho

Echoplex EP3

Lem Echo Music 

Echolette (Dynacord) SE 251

Roland Space Echo RE-101

Evans Super Echo EE-6