The king of the Dynacord transistor tape echo's


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Dynacord Echocord Super 75 tape echo with spring reverb and modifications.

Completely OVERHAULED !!

The King of the Dynacord tape echoes!

- 2 speed allowing more echo times!

The advantage of the slider with the rec head is that is will not degrade the sound because the slider does the echo times, not the speed of the motor. If the motor slows down the speed of the tape will also slow down and the sound will be lofi because there is less tape being used in time over the rec head.

The slowest motor setting of the S75 will be more lofi then the fastest setting but is still hifi i.e. a Roland space echo with the slowest motor setting.

- Spring reverb (can be mixed with the tape echo... instant space and 70's feel)

- EQ for left and right input.

- Echo EQ with 2 potmeters (LOW & HIGH)

- VU meter

- Input to connect a foot switch to the

echo for on and off - NEW FOOTSWITCH INCLUDED !

- Echo EQ can be turned on and off

- You can use only direct sound of the

   input and can mix it with the echo

- The whole machine has been cleaned. The engine has been cleaned, the potmeters have been cleaned and

   blown dry with an air compressor.

Sockets can be cleaned with Krackle Killers (they are new now) and works great ! You can them at :

- Good rubber pinchroller and new plastic left guidance roller !

- The guidance rollers are lubricated and turn smoothly again.

- The motor capstan has been polished and is smooth again !

- All electrolytic capacitors (elco's) have been replaced with new ones (60 pieces !) this includes the powersupply also ofcourse

- The transistors have been replaced for the more quiet BC549/559 types (does not effect the sound)

- The old open potmeters have been replacedfor closed new ones.

- The bridge rectifier has been replaced for a new one.

- The tape mechanism is adjusted, heads have been demagnetised and the playhead has been azimuth.

The heads have been polished and shine like new again.

Besides the DIN to JACK replacements there is also a LO out besides the HI out.

It has some cosmetic flaws but hey.... it is almost 50 years old ! It's the sound that matters.

Sounds fantastic ! and can echo for years again.

Dynacords have more 'bite' than an eg. Roland Space Echo. Full of character and creamy preamps (with more quiet transistors) The slider is fantastic because you can make freaky time swings. the Echocord S75 and S76 sound a bit smoother then an Echocord mini.

- 1 new RTM tape on it and 5 extra are included.

- 100% wet out mod. The direct sound cannot be heard and this is great for

   recording the echo/reverb single only on a track. It is made for echo only !

- The DIN inputs have been replaced for JACK inputs.

   No more hassle with DIN to JACK plugs and cables.

- 1 input (low level) for guitar input and 1 input (high level) for line/mic input.

   The 2 inputs on the left are the same. The 2 inputs on the right are also the same.

- The DIN outputs have also been replaced for JACK outputs

- U.S Power 130Vac or a European power 240Vac can be selected.

- Printed manual

IT has not the original spring reverb but an Accutronics spring reverb. Sounds great !

Comes with a new tape on the machine and 5 extra tapeloops are included. 

NEW on/off footswitch

6 months warranty on the delivered work but shipping costs excluded. 

Thank you for watching and if you have questions, please let me know ! 

Thank you for watching and if you have any question, please let me know !