Maestro Echoplex EP-3 completely overhauled !


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Maestro Echoplex EP-3 completely overhauled !

The famous echoplex EP-3 from the USA that has been used for the sound FX of the Friday the 13th movies. 

The orginal case and top case are unfortunately missing. 

The custom case is a perfect fit and you can close the lid and use the slider and there are holes for the cables. 

The case has been repaint in highcloss black. 

The whole unit has been overhauled. 

All electrolytic capacitors have been replaced for the quality 105 degree ones. 

The heads have been polished, cleaned afterwards and demagnetised and are in very good condition, no worn out heads. 

The unit has been biased and has a very nice feedback and self oscilation that is smooth. 

New velt for the guidance roller.

The guidance system of the slider has been oiled with nano oil for smooth guidance. There is always some resistance with an Echoplex but that is the construction.

Special bronze oil for the rubber pinchroller that has been lubricated. 

The cartridge has been rewind with new RTM LPR35 tape by myself. New they are 99E !! 

With the slider you are not stuck to ficed echo times and you can do crazy echo slides just like a Dynacord or a HH tape echo. 

Also a Sound on Sound setting !

The normal output has a low output and some sort of low pass filter. You can also use the echo/off socket and then the output is much louder en you have a high frequency response. Strange thing about the EP3 but they all have this. The beauty is that you can use both outputs at the same time and mix them.

Sounds great again and very organic and lifelike. 

Thank you for watching and see the test video !