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Pearl Vorg echo orbit EO-301  COMPLETELY OVERHAULED

The Vorg echo orbit 1 is a nice device with a nice soft character in terms of sound and also quite quiet for a tape echo.

Comes from the same period as the Roland space echo and also looks a bit like it in terms of color and model, not in terms of sound I think.

Fixed echo times and also double echo times to make triplets, no feather reverb or pseudo reverb on board (reverberation due to a very short echo time with extension)

It is a speed variable motor that allows you to control the echo times. This is of course very nice.

Completely overhauled. 

- All the electrolytic capacitors have been replaced for quality 105 degrees ones. 

- The heads have been polished and shines like new.

- The rubber pinchroller has been cleaned and the hole of the capstan has been lubricated with special bronze oil. 

- The plastic guidance rollers have been cleaned and the holes have been lubricated with special nano oil

- The heads have been demagnetised

- All the potmeters have been washcleaned and blown dry with an aircompressor and are schratch free

- The tolex case have been polished and shines like new

You can see on the photo the bias potmeter on the PCB for adjusting the time that the echo goes in self oscilation. It is now in the middle. 

New tapeloop on the unit and you get 3 extra tapeloops ! 

Cosmetically almost in mint condtiion. 45 years old ! 

Sounds great again and see my test video ! 

6 months warranty on the delivered work ! 

Thank you for watching and if you have questions, please let me know !