The most famous tape echo !


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Roland space echo RE-201 COMPLETELY OVERHAULED with mods !  

The famous RE-201

All electrolytic capacitors have been replaced for quality 105 degrees ones. Also the power supply ofcourse.

The faulty blue tantalum capacitors have also been replaced for WIMA MKS capacitors . They will die over time, they are famous for that.

The spring of the relais has been lubracited.

All the potentiometers have been washed clean en air dried with an air compressor and are scratch free.

All the female jack inputs have been cleaned with crackle killers (see photo) and that is a great item for all the jack input also !

The heads have been polished and shines like new. Cleaned afterwards with isapropanol and demagnetised.

The heads are also been set (azimuth) for best highs.

The velts have been cleaned and the tapeloop is running tight around the heads for best signal.

NEW rubber pinchroller that runs smoothly and the silicon instead of the rubber is very elastic and pulls the tapeloop smooth over the capstan of the motor.

The motor has been rebuild. The 2 Hall Effect IC's have been replaced for new ones. The motor turns steady and strong again. The ball bearings have been replaced for new ones.

2 inputs have been modified with a J-fet buffer. For guitar and line in. Better high frequency response

and stronger signal. I've made a special PCB for the j-fet buffer. One mic input is stock because 

for a microphone the mic input has the right impedance.

New tapeloop on the unit and 3 extra tapeloops. New RTM tape (made them myself)

VU meter and light is working.


I did also some mods but the original sound remains the same ! 

Mod 1 : I replaced a capacitor for a lower value one so the volume of the feedback is a little bit higher and has more -oomph-

Mod 2 : I put an extra resistor over the stock one so you have more output volume of the echo. 

Mod 3: I made for mic (guitar) in 1 a j-fet buffer so you have better signal (highs) when you direct input a guitar. Stock the guitar sound is muffled. 

Sounds fantastic and in my opinion better then the RE-301 and RE-501, they use opamps instead of transisitors and have a complete other circuitry that is different sounding.

This is the 230Vac version !

Including a new footswitch !

Comes with a new tape on the machine and 5 extra tapeloops are included. 

6 months warranty on the delivered work but shipping costs excluded. 

See the test video ! 

Thank you for watching and if you have questions, please let me know !